HCC: a family business:

Welcome back to our blog!
Huers Clothing Co is a business born out of the virtues of a tight-knit West Country family.

As I sit writing this at the beginning of a New Year I am confident that our business concept embraces all that is Cornwall. We want to incorporate the fascinating history, harsh industrial past and unique Celtic tradition with the modern style that comes with every week spent in Cornwall.

Above all, we all agree that there is a strong sense of togetherness and community west of the river Tamar. We are building Huers Clothing Co on these strong community foundations. We are a family business, and our business embodies all five of us.

Huers Clothing Co has been born despite full time jobs, other businesses, exams, everyday responsibilities… The list goes on and on, and on. We are a family of five, and the passion that we have coarsing through our veins is the very reason that despite being otherwise very “busy”, we are spending every available moment perfecting Huers. We are committed to developing that year old idea that came to us over a cool pint in that Padstow pub…

As a family business, we are very different individuals sharing the same passion and drive. We have different attributes; different ideas, strengths and weaknesses. What binds us is the shared vision of where we’d like this to go. We have different experiences, and some of us are better at some things than others, but that’s what this is all about. If we can work together to create something beautiful and share with you our passion, then we will have succeeded.

We have a very exciting announcement that will become the main focal point in our business coming soon, so keep up with us, and as the huers used to do: look out!


Hevva! Hevva! And a Happy New Year from Huers Clothing Co!

Welcome to Huers and a Happy New Year to you all! Firstly, thank you for visiting our new blog and for starting this adventure with us, at the beginning of what will hopefully be a great year.

For us, a family business at the very start of an exciting journey, 2016 is a big deal! It is to be the year that we officially launch Huers Clothing Co, a unique family business producing high quality garments inspired by our roots and our love of the Cornish coast. This blog will tell the story of who we are and how we got here, and will chart the journey from where we are now (a few simple, authentic and eye-catching designs making the most of the wealth of inspiration that Cornwall has to offer, our lovely printing machine, Piran (named after who other than St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall!) and, most importantly, a shared passion for everything Cornwall) through to our summer launch and beyond.

So who are we? Huers is the new arrival in our tight-knit West Country family! We were all born into this beautiful corner of the world and are proud to call it our home. Of course, the opportunities that life brings have taken us all in different directions but what remains common to us all is a love of the West Country: from the quiet rural villages to the friendly towns and cities; from walking the dogs along the South West Coast Path to putting your feet up in front of an open fire with a pint of the local bitter; from the brilliant food (pasties, clotted cream, cream teas, cheese and even chocolate to name but a few) and the even better drink (Doom Bar and Tribute are two of our preferred tipples!) to the traditional folk music that celebrates this unique and special place (Show of Hands have long been a family favourite!).

For us, the place that, above all, epitomises this heritage and tradition – that has the views, the wildlife, the sandy beaches, the food and drink and a tangible sense of community and shared love of those things that we too hold dear – is Padstow. We have visited Padstow for many years and continue to do so as often as time allows (it has become a second home of sorts to us all) and, fittingly, it was here, over a pint of Doom Bar in the winter of 2014, that Huers was first conceived.

The central idea is a simple one – a clothing company, producing a limited range of quality, casual clothing sourced from a West Country supplier, featuring simple designs that capture the very essence of this special part of the world that we are so eager to share. The inspiration for the initial designs came from observing Padstow life: the hustle and bustle, the gulls’ attempts to scrump a meal and, above all, the Padstow fishing fleet. Indeed, our unique clothing design is based on the boat registration system, initially implemented to make it easier to track vessels and take action against smuggling. With the introduction of the Ship Registration Act in 1786, vessels had to be marked on either side near the bow in large, clear lettering, normally black, on a white, rectangular background. What better way to capture the essence of Cornwall (with all its maritime history and dependence on the ocean for food and adventure) than with the familiar, strong lettering of boat registration codes? PW155, PW654, PW128… This simple idea also gives us room to grow into those many other areas of the region that we have such an affinity with. But enough of that for now, we’re getting ahead of ourselves…!

And what of the name – Huers? Well, what better way to make a Cornish announcement than via a Huer! Dating back to the fourteenth century, the Huer’s job was to alert the local fishermen to the pilchard shoals by standing on the headland shouting “Hevva! Hevva!” To this day a Huer’s Hut stands on the headland at Towan Head in Newquay.

These ideas give a flavour of what we are aiming to achieve, drawing inspiration from the old Cornwall (the idiosyncratic traditions from a simpler time and the beautiful, rugged coastline that was here long before us and will outlive us all) to create an exciting and contemporary range of clothing for today.

There may be a few more cold months to endure before our exciting summer launch when we will finally be able to share the Huers range with you all, but until then, you can keep up to date with all our developments and, no doubt, mishaps via this blog and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so please feel free to follow us, like us and shout “Hevva! Hevva!” at all of your friends – the Huers adventure has begun!