HCC: a family business:

Welcome back to our blog!
Huers Clothing Co is a business born out of the virtues of a tight-knit West Country family.

As I sit writing this at the beginning of a New Year I am confident that our business concept embraces all that is Cornwall. We want to incorporate the fascinating history, harsh industrial past and unique Celtic tradition with the modern style that comes with every week spent in Cornwall.

Above all, we all agree that there is a strong sense of togetherness and community west of the river Tamar. We are building Huers Clothing Co on these strong community foundations. We are a family business, and our business embodies all five of us.

Huers Clothing Co has been born despite full time jobs, other businesses, exams, everyday responsibilities… The list goes on and on, and on. We are a family of five, and the passion that we have coarsing through our veins is the very reason that despite being otherwise very “busy”, we are spending every available moment perfecting Huers. We are committed to developing that year old idea that came to us over a cool pint in that Padstow pub…

As a family business, we are very different individuals sharing the same passion and drive. We have different attributes; different ideas, strengths and weaknesses. What binds us is the shared vision of where we’d like this to go. We have different experiences, and some of us are better at some things than others, but that’s what this is all about. If we can work together to create something beautiful and share with you our passion, then we will have succeeded.

We have a very exciting announcement that will become the main focal point in our business coming soon, so keep up with us, and as the huers used to do: look out!


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