From Padstow, with love

To ensure the highest quality, we do it all ourselves. Every garment in our range is hand crafted, home-embellished and unique, purely so we can reassure ourselves that everything is the best it can be.


At the beginning, our first screen print design ideas were drawn up by hand and on an old iPad using the most basic software and exposed onto silk screens. Luckily, as previously mentioned – we are fortunate to have a family member with experience in coating and exposing silk screens, so this is done in-house too. Each design is inspired by day to day life in and around Padstow, the unique heritage and proud industrial history.

We are very proud of the fact that we are involved every step of the way. Not only do we hand stitch and finish every single garment in our range, but each one is hand silk screen printed in our workshop using hybrid, environmentally friendly inks. Each print may come out slightly differently, due to even the weather conditions on the day, but that is all part of the custom feel, isn’t it? After each is printed, they are all cured under the heat in the same workshop at 150-170 degrees C. 

Bags & tags

We have designed, printed and hand cut the swing tags attached to our garments. 

This way, we can ensure even the commonly thrown away elements are of the finest quality. Similarly, we hand stamp all of our recyclable paper carriers. We hope that these may be reused; they are strong enough! Even these little touches are a good representation of the care, attention and enjoyment that goes into everything we make.

Mobile shop

As shown on our Instagram page and Twitter feed, our mobile shop has been entirely re-crafted and designed by us. We bought a 1970s Sprite Caravan from eBay last winter with the idea of refurbishing and reusing it and converting it into our mobile shop. 6 months later, it has been stripped out, strengthened, water tightened, decorated inside and re-painted in the livery of a Cornish fishing boat. We put on a few vinyl decals, and the transformation is complete. Internally decorated with maps of Cornwall, antique postcards from Padstow (collected back in the 60’s and 70’s) and fitted with a couple of shelves donated by family, we are incredibly proud of our mobile shop and can’t wait to display it at the Royal Cornwall Show.


Our website is the epitome of our home-made roots. Lots of small businesses must spend a fortune on web design without any guarantee of success. We didn’t like that idea, and we find that they all tend to look the same anyway; so we learnt how to do a bit of coding, and did it ourselves. It looks home done, and that’s why we like it and hope you do too! We are obviously going to need a platform to host an online shop, but they exist and we will include this link on our website in time for our launch at the Royal Cornwall Show. Don’t forget, we’re not web developers or IT graduates!

Sandwich boards

We found some driftwood up at Sandymouth Beach just north of Bude and made a couple of sandwich boards. They are strapped together with some fishing nets and ropes we found up there as well, and we are very proud of them! One thing is for sure, you won’t find any others the same!


It’s not only our mobile shop that was saved from a scrap heap. Over the last year, we have sourced several items and transformed them from junk at our local tip-shop, to display items customised Huers style. We found a life ring, which we later found was from a Dutch container ship, our till and shelves for our shop.
All to ensure everything on show, including all of our products, are of the highest quality, we do it all ourselves – and because of this, everything is unique. 

To see what we have to offer, come and see us on Stand 50 at The Royal Cornwall Show! But until then or if you can’t make it, keep posted via social media!


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