The Royal Cornwall Show

It’s Monday which, for most of us, means back to the day job. Sitting at desks in front of computers, ignoring as many emails as possible and wondering when we’ll next get down to the beach with the dogs or put on our wetsuits and splash around in the sea. You know the feeling, right?

That said, this Monday is slightly different. Because this Monday, we go back to work knowing that Huers has, at long last, officially launched. After eighteen months of a lot of hard work, ups and downs and some inevitable family disagreements, our dream of starting our very own, family-run, quality clothing company has finally become a reality. And, you’ll be pleased to learn, Huers’ first voyage was a hugely successful one. Not only did we sell lots of garments (which is clearly an important indicator that we’re doing something right!), we also met lots of wonderful people who really understood our concept and bought into us as a family business. What we have always believed became evidently clear – we are doing something unique for which there is a gap in the market. People loved our simple, Cornish designs that pay homage to the traditions of the past in a fresh, contemporary style for the Cornwall of today. The Huers caravan was also a hit, its bold design drawing people in and proudly announcing who we are and what we’re about.


And what we’re about is simple: good quality clothing that reflects our love (and that of our customers) for this special corner of the world. After all, we’re not experts; our pitch was basic (a few rails and shelves of our various garments, designs and colours with prices written on our lovely stamped Huers paper bags) and our marketing strategy was, perhaps, experimental (a few free bottles of ‘Huers water’, some stickers and such like and a stand up paddle board to be won (winner to be announced soon!)). But, like our website, our garments, our mobile shop and, come to think of it, almost every element of the business, Huers is honest and homemade and we intend to keep it that way.


Even in the immediate aftermath of the RCS, we have had people that we met following us online, proudly sharing photos of themselves in their new Huers clothing, and even making orders online. Speaking of which, you can now find all our designs, colours and sizes on our lovely online shop, all lovingly printed and put together by ourselves and Piran, our trusty silk screen printer! And, using the feedback we have had from our customers so far, we are already working on our next range of designs and colours – perhaps extending our ‘PW 128’ range to other Cornish fishing ports. We hope you will tell us where you want us to go – either contact us or use the hashtag ‘#huers’ followed by the port (e.g., ‘#huersfalmouth’). In fact, we have already had a lot of interest from Falmouth folk and have started producing an ‘FH 294’ range in both the men’s and women’s styles. We also want to make our range more diverse, by offering both short- and long-sleeved t-shirts in the men’s and women’s ranges. Of course, this won’t all happen immediately (we will always take our sweet Cornish time to ensure only the best possible quality and style) but it shows the direction of travel and how you, our Huers extended family, can influence this.


So, this Monday, we return to the day jobs with a sun tan, a smile and excitement that Huers Clothing Co has finally set sail. We can’t complain.