We’re going to The Royal Cornwall Show 2017!

I often find it hard to find the time to write a blog, after all, we all have other jobs alongside the day to day running of Huers Clothing Co.
But today we received an email confirming our spot at The 2017 Royal Cornwall Show, which will also double up as the 1st birthday party of our business! It was at the 2016 show of course that we launched, without any experience of shows or exhibitions and let’s not forget; we were only there because of a late cancellation so we only had 5 weeks’ notice! So, other than hoping people would like our clothing brand, we didn’t really know what to expect, and we certainly didn’t have the time to think about it beyond that!

We touched on it in our last blog post, but it has been an incredible 9 months for us. We are loving every aspect of this new venture, from being up late printing & stitching custom online orders to meeting some truly lovely people at our sales shows. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve generated quite a following on social media and the feedback, comments and interaction we are getting is wonderful. Today a recent online customer posted a photo to Instagram of her Huers package and said how delighted she was: what could be more positive for a little start up business like us?

So the main purpose of this post was to announce that we will once again be at The Royal Cornwall Show (8-10 June at The Royal Cornwall Show ground) but we would also just like to thank every person who we have met along the way during the past 8 months. We are genuinely touched by all the positive comments and feedback, and we love meeting and getting to know everybody we meet in person at the shows we’ve been at this year.

We hope to see you in the sunshine of RCS 2017! 


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