The Royal Cornwall 2017!

Everyone who exhibited at or visited the Royal Cornwall Show at the Wadebridge Showground over the show weekend will agree that the weather gods were against us, but despite that, Huers Clothing Co’s second appearance was a really positive one. 

We launched our family business at the Show in 2016 and the overwhelming highlight for us this year was the number of faces we recognised from last year. We had customers who came to the show specifically to see us, who visited our stand and told us that they had bought garments from us, either at the Show in 2016, the Winter Fair, or through our online shop – and loved them. These lovely people had made the effort to battle through the wind and rain to tell us how pleased they were with their Huers gear. 

It’s something that we can’t really get across via social media or our web shop, but people were telling us that they had washed and worn their Huers t shirts & hoodies repeatedly, and after each wash they were as good as new. It is so great to hear our customers telling us something we already know, it gives us even more confidence that our garments are of the highest quality. Some people even turned up wearing Huers, and perhaps even more pleasingly, they bought more items from us!


We launched several new additions to our range at the Royal Cornwall Show – our Ria Mylor Tor jumper (named by our followers on Instagram & Facebook) with our small Padstow PW fishing boat registration on the lapel was such a success that we actually sold out! Our new Camel Trail A.C. silk screen design was very popular too, both on t shirts and hoodies.

All our newest garments are available to buy from our online store – no wind or heavy rain on there!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Show organisers, the other exhibitors who we made friends with over the three days, but most importantly, all our dedicated customers. As a small, part-time family business that is barely a year old, we are thrilled at the feedback we are getting and the interaction we have with you. It is your enthusiasm and the shared love of simple, quality casual wear that encompasses all that is Cornwall that reminds us why we are doing this!

We have some super exciting news to share with you on social media over the next week or so, please stay tuned!

Much love

The Huers Family


28 days to go!

As the 2017 Royal Cornwall Show fast approaches, we are busy making final preparations for our second appearance, but we are also reflecting on how far Huers Clothing Co has come in its first year of trading.

Those of you who have been with us from the start will know that we are a westcountry family that loves all things Cornish and has a passion for everyday quality clothing – the sort of things that we enjoy wearing on a walk with the dog along the coast path.

 Although we all have our day jobs, our passion has driven us to create Huers and build a following that we are so proud of. Each and every one of our growing list of loyal customers is an everyday reminder of exactly why we are doing this! 
The 2017 Show, – Huers’s first birthday – will see us introduce some new designs to the range, and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback. We have really enjoyed interacting with our customers who really appreciate our unique hand silk screen printed range and the effort that we put into sourcing the best quality.

Oh, if you don’t catch us at the Royal Cornwall Show from 8-10 June, you can come and find us at the Padstow Christmas Festival from 7-10 December! We are very excited to be exhibiting here for the first time and know our designs, originally inspired by the Padstow fishing fleet, will be well received.

Our new range of ladies summer tees, ladies & gents hoodies and accessories will all be available to purchase from our online store after RCS 2017! Stay tuned, it’s that time of year again…

We’re going to The Royal Cornwall Show 2017!

I often find it hard to find the time to write a blog, after all, we all have other jobs alongside the day to day running of Huers Clothing Co.
But today we received an email confirming our spot at The 2017 Royal Cornwall Show, which will also double up as the 1st birthday party of our business! It was at the 2016 show of course that we launched, without any experience of shows or exhibitions and let’s not forget; we were only there because of a late cancellation so we only had 5 weeks’ notice! So, other than hoping people would like our clothing brand, we didn’t really know what to expect, and we certainly didn’t have the time to think about it beyond that!

We touched on it in our last blog post, but it has been an incredible 9 months for us. We are loving every aspect of this new venture, from being up late printing & stitching custom online orders to meeting some truly lovely people at our sales shows. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve generated quite a following on social media and the feedback, comments and interaction we are getting is wonderful. Today a recent online customer posted a photo to Instagram of her Huers package and said how delighted she was: what could be more positive for a little start up business like us?

So the main purpose of this post was to announce that we will once again be at The Royal Cornwall Show (8-10 June at The Royal Cornwall Show ground) but we would also just like to thank every person who we have met along the way during the past 8 months. We are genuinely touched by all the positive comments and feedback, and we love meeting and getting to know everybody we meet in person at the shows we’ve been at this year.

We hope to see you in the sunshine of RCS 2017! 

Harbour Reflections 

As we approach the end of 2016 and reflect, we would never have imagined that the year would have been such a successful one for Huers Clothing Co.From the very humble beginnings of an idea, chewed over in a harbourside pub of our much loved Padstow in the winter of 2015, to our launch at the Royal Cornwall Show in June of this year – our dream is becoming a reality.

As a family, we started to put together simple designs that we felt reflected the heritage of this beautiful corner of the country, and combined that with good quality fabrics and simple styling that has now developed into the Huers range. Every single one of our garments is hand embellished by ourselves with great care. What we hadn’t anticipated, was how well our ideas would be received. We have been overwhelmed by the positive reactions from our customers, who have been generous enough to feedback to us their appreciation for what we are doing.

In addition to our online shop, we have only made a very few appearances at shows since our launch, but a real highlight for us was the Cornish Winter Fair at the Showground in Wadebridge on a cold Saturday in November. In addition to being a great success for us sales-wise, this gave us the opportunity to talk to our customers and really get a feel for what people like about Huers, and we are constantly refining our range as a result.

So a big thank you to every one of you who has followed us since our launch in June, and who has been so generous with your thoughts and ideas – we really appreciate it!

From the whole Huers family, we would like to wish you all a peaceful and happy festive season and all the very best for 2017 – and all we ask is that you continue to follow our journey and look out for us during the next twelve months!

Shorter September days

Okay, it’s been a little while since our last blog post; that’s a little indication of just how busy we’ve been. Since our launch at The Royal Cornwall Show in June, we’ve also exhibited our mobile shop at The Padstow Rally, albeit in the wind and rain. We’ve been working hard putting together new design ideas for our Autumn/Winter hoodie range because that time of the year is ever so slowly creeping up on us. We have gathered inspiration for some new display ideas and we’ve been testing out a brand new range of garments – including long sleeved tees, 100% organic supersoft cotton of course. 
This summer, we have loved meeting and talking to everybody – getting to know you and remembering you all. We have all learnt an enormous amount over the summer; things we never thought we’d learn but invaluable lessons we won’t be forgetting. Whether we spoke to you for half an hour or more at one of our trade shows, or whether we’ve interacted with you only via our online store and social media, we are enjoying every single bit of the beginning of this journey and we hope you are enjoying being a part of it with us.

While we have all been back to work at our day jobs, our passion for our business is only growing.

 We recently spotted a young man looking fresh modelling a Huers Faeroes tee on Padstow Harbour. It might sound strange, but seeing your product that you spent hours, weeks, months, planning, designing and producing, being worn by somebody else gives us such a sense of pride. After all, we are only a little family business of less than 4 months! 

You may have heard through the grape vines along the banks of the River Camel: we will be at the Cornish Winter Fair on Saturday 19 November at The Royal Cornwall Events Centre at Wadebridge. We would love to see you all again – it’s only for one day and is the place to kick off your Christmas shopping!

See you there?

In the meantime, don’t miss out on our updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and keep an eye out for new additions to our online store! 

The Huers Family 

The Royal Cornwall Show

It’s Monday which, for most of us, means back to the day job. Sitting at desks in front of computers, ignoring as many emails as possible and wondering when we’ll next get down to the beach with the dogs or put on our wetsuits and splash around in the sea. You know the feeling, right?

That said, this Monday is slightly different. Because this Monday, we go back to work knowing that Huers has, at long last, officially launched. After eighteen months of a lot of hard work, ups and downs and some inevitable family disagreements, our dream of starting our very own, family-run, quality clothing company has finally become a reality. And, you’ll be pleased to learn, Huers’ first voyage was a hugely successful one. Not only did we sell lots of garments (which is clearly an important indicator that we’re doing something right!), we also met lots of wonderful people who really understood our concept and bought into us as a family business. What we have always believed became evidently clear – we are doing something unique for which there is a gap in the market. People loved our simple, Cornish designs that pay homage to the traditions of the past in a fresh, contemporary style for the Cornwall of today. The Huers caravan was also a hit, its bold design drawing people in and proudly announcing who we are and what we’re about.


And what we’re about is simple: good quality clothing that reflects our love (and that of our customers) for this special corner of the world. After all, we’re not experts; our pitch was basic (a few rails and shelves of our various garments, designs and colours with prices written on our lovely stamped Huers paper bags) and our marketing strategy was, perhaps, experimental (a few free bottles of ‘Huers water’, some stickers and such like and a stand up paddle board to be won (winner to be announced soon!)). But, like our website, our garments, our mobile shop and, come to think of it, almost every element of the business, Huers is honest and homemade and we intend to keep it that way.


Even in the immediate aftermath of the RCS, we have had people that we met following us online, proudly sharing photos of themselves in their new Huers clothing, and even making orders online. Speaking of which, you can now find all our designs, colours and sizes on our lovely online shop, all lovingly printed and put together by ourselves and Piran, our trusty silk screen printer! And, using the feedback we have had from our customers so far, we are already working on our next range of designs and colours – perhaps extending our ‘PW 128’ range to other Cornish fishing ports. We hope you will tell us where you want us to go – either contact us or use the hashtag ‘#huers’ followed by the port (e.g., ‘#huersfalmouth’). In fact, we have already had a lot of interest from Falmouth folk and have started producing an ‘FH 294’ range in both the men’s and women’s styles. We also want to make our range more diverse, by offering both short- and long-sleeved t-shirts in the men’s and women’s ranges. Of course, this won’t all happen immediately (we will always take our sweet Cornish time to ensure only the best possible quality and style) but it shows the direction of travel and how you, our Huers extended family, can influence this.


So, this Monday, we return to the day jobs with a sun tan, a smile and excitement that Huers Clothing Co has finally set sail. We can’t complain.


From Padstow, with love

To ensure the highest quality, we do it all ourselves. Every garment in our range is hand crafted, home-embellished and unique, purely so we can reassure ourselves that everything is the best it can be.


At the beginning, our first screen print design ideas were drawn up by hand and on an old iPad using the most basic software and exposed onto silk screens. Luckily, as previously mentioned – we are fortunate to have a family member with experience in coating and exposing silk screens, so this is done in-house too. Each design is inspired by day to day life in and around Padstow, the unique heritage and proud industrial history.

We are very proud of the fact that we are involved every step of the way. Not only do we hand stitch and finish every single garment in our range, but each one is hand silk screen printed in our workshop using hybrid, environmentally friendly inks. Each print may come out slightly differently, due to even the weather conditions on the day, but that is all part of the custom feel, isn’t it? After each is printed, they are all cured under the heat in the same workshop at 150-170 degrees C. 

Bags & tags

We have designed, printed and hand cut the swing tags attached to our garments. 

This way, we can ensure even the commonly thrown away elements are of the finest quality. Similarly, we hand stamp all of our recyclable paper carriers. We hope that these may be reused; they are strong enough! Even these little touches are a good representation of the care, attention and enjoyment that goes into everything we make.

Mobile shop

As shown on our Instagram page and Twitter feed, our mobile shop has been entirely re-crafted and designed by us. We bought a 1970s Sprite Caravan from eBay last winter with the idea of refurbishing and reusing it and converting it into our mobile shop. 6 months later, it has been stripped out, strengthened, water tightened, decorated inside and re-painted in the livery of a Cornish fishing boat. We put on a few vinyl decals, and the transformation is complete. Internally decorated with maps of Cornwall, antique postcards from Padstow (collected back in the 60’s and 70’s) and fitted with a couple of shelves donated by family, we are incredibly proud of our mobile shop and can’t wait to display it at the Royal Cornwall Show.


Our website is the epitome of our home-made roots. Lots of small businesses must spend a fortune on web design without any guarantee of success. We didn’t like that idea, and we find that they all tend to look the same anyway; so we learnt how to do a bit of coding, and did it ourselves. It looks home done, and that’s why we like it and hope you do too! We are obviously going to need a platform to host an online shop, but they exist and we will include this link on our website in time for our launch at the Royal Cornwall Show. Don’t forget, we’re not web developers or IT graduates!

Sandwich boards

We found some driftwood up at Sandymouth Beach just north of Bude and made a couple of sandwich boards. They are strapped together with some fishing nets and ropes we found up there as well, and we are very proud of them! One thing is for sure, you won’t find any others the same!


It’s not only our mobile shop that was saved from a scrap heap. Over the last year, we have sourced several items and transformed them from junk at our local tip-shop, to display items customised Huers style. We found a life ring, which we later found was from a Dutch container ship, our till and shelves for our shop.
All to ensure everything on show, including all of our products, are of the highest quality, we do it all ourselves – and because of this, everything is unique. 

To see what we have to offer, come and see us on Stand 50 at The Royal Cornwall Show! But until then or if you can’t make it, keep posted via social media!