It may not look like much, but…

Since I last wrote, we have progressed almost every aspect of our business. From carrier bags and swing tags to the mobile shop and the garments themselves, we feel we are closer than ever to launching our unique, hand crafted clothing range which has been inspired most by the Cornish way of life.  
Our t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. We strongly believe that the environment we love and enjoy has to be protected, and this theme continues throughout our business. Our carrier bags are made from recycled paper. We see a lot of plastic carrier bags ending up in the harbour, on the beaches, twisted up in fishing nets and damaging the wildlife of local ecosystems. So, instead of creating more damaging plastic bags, we print our own paper bags. Each one ends up slightly different, but that is all part of the custom feel, isn’t it?

A member of the HCC family and team is studying for a degree in Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art. Being so far away, we don’t get to see her all that often and rarely for long periods of time. The Easter holiday has provided us with an opportunity to perfect our print techniques and test all of our designs out on our garments. We are delighted with the results and cannot wait to share them with you. We are in the process of wearing our garments, testing them out, washing them again and again, just to put them to the test.

During this process, you may have seen them out and about in North Cornwall.

Our mobile shop now looks fairly different from the outside. As well as sealing the final gap letting water in, rehoming the more resilient spiders and building some made-to-measure shelves, we have painted our 1970s caravan in the livery of a Cornish fishing trawler. Having spent a long time imagining how this may look, we opted for the traditional navy, white and dark red theme which is common not only on Cornish fleets, but industrial boats from all over the world. The decals are in a brown roll tube in the print room as we speak, but as soon as they are on, you will be the first to see.

We have also taken delivery of our custom labels and tags, that are all lovingly hand stitched into our garments. As you can imagine, several rooms of our family home have been inundated with garments, labels, printing supplies and don’t forget what’s on the drive-way!

So keep watching, the plan is for you to be introduced to our range at a trade show in North Cornwall this summer. 

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Mobile – it’s the new style!

Introducing our one-of-a-kind shop…

We spent a long time thinking of a way to deliver our products whilst demonstrating the thought, passion and individuality that goes into every garment that we hand print and stitch. We liked the idea of being able to change the location of our shop if the weather is better elsewhere. An important aspect of any new brand is the ability to be memorable; and in order to be memorable, one must always be different!
After months of searching every online auction site and newspaper for our perfect project, we were back in our favourite Padstow pub overlooking the harbour when an almost out-of-habit eBay search delivered. By chance, the perfect 1970s caravan 3 miles down the road was ending in 35 minutes. We won the auction with a heroic £66 bid!

The first thing we had to do was remove all the fittings that had enabled families over generations to enjoy the caravan for its intended use. There were spiders, benches, old lights, the remains of the fold out bed, and perhaps most strangely there was a jar of pickled onions which went out of date in 2007!

As we removed the fittings, we realised how integral they were in terms of keeping the caravan together and rigid and upright. With this in mind we built a wooden frame, attached it to both walls, the floor and the ceiling. Our worry was that at 65mph, the van may not be strong enough to make it over Bodmin Moor!

As soon as the roof was water tight, we could begin designing the interior. Old Cornish maps as the wallpaper, but first we had to put down a super thin layer of polystyrene wallpaper lining, so that our maps don’t get ruined by the harsh Cornish winter weather.

We strengthened the 50 year old brittle plastic windows, inside and out, and gave the ceiling and end walls a lick of paint leaving only the floor to be painted and any internal fittings decided on.
Unfortunately, the wettest December on record and similarly damp January have prevented us from customising the outside just yet, but hopefully with the days getting longer and Spring on the way, this isn’t far off… We have some brilliant ideas!

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